Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soooo Sad!

I am a pathetic blogger!!! I am going to try and put some effort into it this time.

Since I last wrote, I have not lost any weight! None, ZERO, ZILCH!!! But, I have been working out, and I have lost inches! That makes me happy! I can tell you why I haven't lost weight. Carbs, starch, sugar!!

My weekly goal is to not eat bread! Not even a little bit! I have a couple of meals planned that include rice, but we eat brown rice. I think there is one pasta night. I bought whole wheat pasta and will only eat a tad. But, I am not going to eat bread!!!! I am going to log my food, and drink lots of water! Also, I am going to take my supplements!

I have my workout planned for the week:
Monday: Turbo Kick and upper body
Tuesday: Run/Walk 3 miles
Wednesday: Muscle Mix and elliptical machine
Thursday: Run/Walk 3 miles
Friday: Zumba and lower body
Saturday: Turbo Kick and upper body
Sunday: Day of Rest!

I do enjoy working out, so that part is easy! It's the eating bad, empty calories that is the hard part! So, it is time to conquer my bad eating habits!