Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I am not posting my daily food log today! We are going out to dinner and having friends over. I plan to drink some wine and maybe a margaretta. Also, we are going to have chocolate fondue! But, tomorrow is 2011 and let the weight loss begin!

Be safe tonight!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Sweet Potato

While eating dinner, my husband and I were talking about eating more vegetables at every meal. I told him sweet potatoes were a veggie, and he thought they weren't one of the best choices. I am finding out sweet potatoes are a great choice, a SUPER FOOD! Hooray!

What's so great about them:
They have naturally occuring sugars
Complex Carbohydrates
Vitamins A and C
Low glycemic index

Here are some Sweet Potato Facts

My sweet potatoes were grown in Texas or Louisiana according to the sign at Central Market. They were YUMMY too!

Daily Food Log 12/30/10

2 cups of coffee - 5
2 tsp. sugar - 33
2 tsp creamer - 20
1 can tomato juice - 70
a sausage roll from donut shop - Guessing about 150

Cal: 277

Cajun soup from Tom Thumb 230
1/2 can of coke - 50
beef jerky - 116

Cal: 396

Snacks throughout the day:
Mozz. cheese stick - 72
1 cup coffee - 2
1 sugar - 16
1 cream - 11
1 chocolate - 44
1 wheat bread - 90
organic peanut butter - 150
All fruit spread - 42

Cal: 427

3 oz Baked chicken with salt pepper and jerk seasoning - 126
1 cup (approx) Baked Sweet Potato Fries - 216
1 1/2 cup steamed mixed veggies (cauliflower, broccolli, squash, carrots) - 45 (AWESOME)
I included calories for a pat of butter and some olive oil.

Cal: 386

Total Cal: 1486

Exercise: Walked 2 1/2 miles with Sam, my trusty, yet troublesome beagle.

My allergies had me wiped out all morning! I finally got my walk in this afternoon which in turn curbed my sweet cravings. Too bad I can't walk every afternoon. Most afternoons I work. My calorie intake was much improved and eating choices a little better than the last few days. Still, more lean protein and veggies would be good. Sparkpeople still says I need more fiber and calcium.

OK, if you happen to be reading this and you know a lot about nutrition, give me some pointers, constructive critism, whatever! I need it!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Breakfast cookie

I think I'm going to try this tomorrow!!!

Seems like it has a good carb/protein ratio. Might help me with my cookie dough cravings!

Daily Food Log for 12/29/10


1 piece of wheat toast - 90 cal
organic peanut butter - 150 cal
1/2 banana - 49 cal
2 cups of coffee - 5 cal
2 tsp of sugar - 32 cal
2 tsp of non-dairy creamer - 20 cal

Cal = 346

Progresso Light Italian Meatball soup 1 1/2 serving -140 cal
Zesta crackers 2 servings (10 crackers)- 120 cal.
corn - 80 cal

Cal = 340

chocolate - 3 pieces dark dove chocolate (there are some antioxidants) - 110 cal
4 marshmellows - 100 empty cal.
My Uncle Steve's beef jerky - I don't know how many calories. I'm gonna guess about 180
cal: 390

1 cup of chili -220 cal
1 cup of Jasmine Rice (I planned brown rice, but I seem to be out) - 205
1 oz of cheese - 114 cal
carrots and celery - 36 cal
caramel popcorn - 200

cal: 575

Total Cal: 1651

Too many empty calories, plus too many carbs and not enough protein. I ate too many empty carbs and WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR! According to the the website, where you can enter in your food and it gives your fat, protein, and carb percentages, I did not have enough calcium today either. Also, most of my calories came from my snacking. Instead of eating all that junk and sugar, I should have ate some veggies and maybe some nuts for more protein.

30 Day Shred Level 1, Day 2
2 mile walk while pushing a stroller and walking two dogs!

Total cal: 1871

So, tomorrows goal is to eat less empty calories and eat more healthy, low calorie, but filling foods.


Boy, it is one of those blah days! My allergies are getting the best of me! First my nose was stuffed! Then, I took some meds. Now my nose is runny and BLOODY! Yuck! So, I am going to stay hydrated. I'm still gonna do my workout and I'm going to overcome the sugar obsession for today!

I read, or heard, that we should have humidifiers going in all our rooms at night. Erin has one. Maybe I should get one for Jake, and Jason, and I too.

Read about humidifiers on the Dr. Oz website:

I think I may go out and get some more. I think I will go for the cool mist type.

OK, off to exercise!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How true is this!

I just read this awesome devotional. All these people bragged about these great "fad" diets they went on, losing just a handful of pounds. But one guy stated that anytime he had a craving he went and read the Bible. His friends laughed at him, but in the end, he lost more weight than any of them. He called it the "Jesus Plan". The daily thought added to this devotional: God can do for me what nothing on earth can!!!

Daily Food Log 12/28/10


2 cups of coffee with non-dairy creamer and sugar
1 piece of toast with 1 fried egg and a pat of butter


deli turkey sandwich with mustard, colby jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato. All on wheat bread. I had some baby carrots too and a few lays natural potato chips

Jason got called in to fly tonight, so I ate leftovers from last night. I wasn't too hungry after eating a cookie I stole from my brother-n-laws house. BAD!!!!!


two chocolate truffles
An over abundance of caramel nut popcorn! Ughhh!!!! No will-power!
Cookie! Geez, I blew it in the snack area!! BLEW IT!

Exercise: Today I did Jillian Michaels Yoga meltdown. It is HARD! I didn't keep track of my steps for the day. I'm pretty sure I didn't meet 10,000 because it was COLD and I didn't go outside for a walk. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow.

So, sugar is definitely my weakness the last two days of keeping track! It will be removed from my house TOMORROW!!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Weekly Dinner Menu: 12/27/10

Monday- Tilapia with pineapples, black beans, and brown rice
Tuesday-Spicy Beef Stirfry with brown rice
Wednesday-Jerk Chicken, baked sweet potato fries, and mixed vegetables
Thursday - Chili with cheese and whole wheat crackers, raw veggies
Friday- Lintel soup and chicken
Saturday - New Years Day - I don't know what we will have. I need to consult my hubby!

I will try to put my lunch menu and breakfast menu in future posts. And, if I really like a recipe, I will post it!

What are you going to eat this week?

Weight and Measurements 12/27/20

Here are my beginning measurements, starting my weight loss challenge for 2011.

Lbs: 147
Neck: 14 "
Left bicep: 11 3/4"
Right bicep: 12"
Chest: 37 1/2"
Waist:35 3/4"
Hips: 42 1/2"
Left thigh: 24 1/2"
Right thigh: 24 1/2"
Left calf: 15 1/4"
Right calf: 15 1/4"

Ah, the Bitter truth! FAT! YUCKY YUCKY FAT!

30 Day Shred

Today I'm going to start Julian Michael's 30 day Shred. One of the biggest reasons I'm starting with this is because it's only 30 minutes long and works all muscle groups. There are 3 levels. I am going to go the route of 10 days for each level. Some people say they see results, other reviewers of the video say they saw nothing. Some say they felt stronger but didn't lose any inches. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with what you eat while you are doing it. Since I'm keeping a food log on the blog as well, I'll be able see how my eating does in conjunction with my workouts. I'm going to walk on nice days too! I have to take the kids with me on my walks, so the weather has to be decent.

Also, I'll be keeping track of my steps, with the goal of 10,000 a day. Burn baby fat, BURN!!!

Food Log 12/27/10


2 cups of coffee with non-dairy creamer and a teaspoon of sugar each!

2 cups of water

1 piece of wheat bread, 2 tbsp of organic natural peanut butter, and all fruit spread

Polanar All fruit is sweetened with fruit juices and doesn't have any added sugar. Other jellies and spreads have high frutus corn syrup. YUCK!

I know coffee has it's pros and cons. I will be talking to a doctor about that in January. If I have to quit, then I will, but it won't be easy!


Two cups of water

Three hard tacos from Bueno and a diet coke.


Tilapia with pinapple, quinoa, fresh orange juice and lime with black beans, and corn on the side.


Went to Costco and Central market. Central market had a bunch of fruit samples. I couldn't tell you what all was a costco. I think the only bad sample I had was a stuffed jalpeno popper! It was good though!

I got my husband a firepit for Christmas and we used it for the first time tonight. We made smores, and I did not pass it up. I am weak!!

Water: Over 64 oz.

30-Day Shred: Day 1, Level 1 done!

10,000 steps done!

So, too much snacking but overall it's an improvement over my normal day! I see where I need to improve!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My 2011 "New Year's Resolutions."

Here we go again! Another year, another list of New Years Resolutions to write down and swear to complete! I do it every year and every year I FAIL! So, this year, I've decided to try again and SUCCEED!

Here they are!

- Lose 2o to 25 lbs! I've been carrying around Jake's leftover baby weight for a year and it's time for it to go. I'll put in more details later on how I plan to do this!

- 10,000 steps a day and 30 minutes of exercise like yoga or weight lifting.

- Get healthy! It's more than just losing weight! It's getting toxin free, eating better foods, moving my body, etc!

- Declutter my home! We have too much stuff!!!!! We don't pick up after ourselves! My awesome neighbor gave me a "control Journal" from the Flylady! It's the lady that has a website dedicated to getting your home clean and organized! Look it up, it's amazing! My neighbor's home is always clean and she has three kids!

- Spend more quality time with my husband and children! We spend all day with eachother, yet, sometimes we just don't feel connected. The kids take up a lot of our energy and sometimes I just don't put enough energy into my relationship with my kids or my husband, but on other things! I just need to prioritize!

- Make more time with friends! I miss girlfriends! I miss going out with couples. It is just tougher with children. Jason and I want to have friends over more for dinner and hanging out.

- Develop a closer relationship with God. I need to have quiet time daily! I will spend more time in the word!

So many of my goals are as simple as setting up a solid routine! I can surely do that! Can't wait to track my goals and celebrate completing them by 1/1/12!

The "Bucket List"

On the drive to Southwest Kansas for the Christmas Holiday, my husband and I began our "Bucket List." At first we had a hard time coming up with things we wanted to do but after thinking about it, I came up with a nice list. Here is my bucket list in no particular order.

-Lose 25 lbs

-pierce my belly button after losing 25 lbs. (just for my own personal satifaction and maybe my husband would dig it)

-Get braces. I don't really want them, but would like the end results. No more Fangs!

- Drink coffee and eat a cupcake in Seattle! I so want to see the ocean and the mountains at the same time. And, I LOVE the rain!

- See New Zealand. From what I understand the Lord of the Rings was filmed there. I thought the landscape was breathtaking. So, I want to go!

-Take my kids to Disney World or Land! Mostly I want to go myself. I went as a child and have fond memories.

- I want to take a cruise with my bestfriend, Darci. We need to take a trip together and I think a cruise would be fun! Though, the midnight buffet would not work well with my losing 25 lbs.

- Learn to play guitar! I've always wanted to learn. I may have to wait until my kiddos are both in school. Anytime I go to play the piano they swarm me and take over!

This is my list so far! I know it will grow, but hopefully I will cross some off, even in the year 2012!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Drink More, Weigh Less

I recently read a little article about water. It said that people who drank two 8 - ounce glasses of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner lost an average of 16 pounds over a three-month period. Now, wouldn't that be awesome!!! It's because water fills your stomach, making you less hungry. Maybe I will give it a try! Starting today, December 10, 2011, I am going to drink two glasses of water before every meal!!! Bye Bye 16 lbs!!!

2011 is upon us

2011 is just around the corner and I'm ready to make a change. I am 30 lbs overweight, and tired all the time. I am a bit over the top with my mood swings and drama. So, it's time to get my body, mind, and soul in order for me and my family. This blog is going to reflect just that! This is my diary of all the changes I'm going to make and I want you to hold me accountable!