Thursday, March 17, 2011

At a stand still

Hey everyone! Hope your day is fabulous! Mine is OK. Kids are trying my patience, but we are hanging in there. The weather is nice, but a touch windy. I did get out of the house with the littles and took a walk with my awesome neighbor!

My weight has been at a standstill at 140. I seem to give in to temptation, especially when it comes to sugar. I also struggle making a salad for lunch, and end up eating bread! I LOVE bread! I especially love bread and butter. There is so much comfort in that. When we would eat at my grandma and grandpa's house growing up, grandma would put out a basket of WHITE bread and butter! YUM! I loved eating at my grandma's! We don't buy white bread in my house though.

There are so many things I could do daily to improve my diet and lose the weight! I guess I need to make a stronger commitment! I think I need a buddy! Or, a personal chef, and grocery shopper! I need to pray for some SELF-CONTROL!

I did a CRUNCH video on Exercise TV this morning. It was good. It worked butt and abs. Then, an 8 minute Pilate legs workout. It was a windy day walking today, so I feel I got a decent workout pushing the stroller in the wind.

Well, just checking in! I'll try and check in more often!!!

Have a great day!


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  2. I'm a little slow at getting around to people's blogs. I don't buy sugar, I don't buy junk food. Kaylen gets it enough at my grandma's house that when she is home with us she eats the way we need to be eating. So maybe that will help you say no if it's not there then it's not a choice. Where my down fall is, is at work people always bring stuff in. I'm doing a whole lot better. Look for foods that suppress your appetite like oats *oatmeal*, apples, salad with lots of veggies(believe it or not)..there's more but I can't think of it right now.